Spaced Out

To the emerging modern day alternative counter culture publication, Spaced Out. This content has been harvested to flourish the psychedelic sixties and their reflection and influences on todays millennial maniacs. Inspired by the social movement of the Underground Press where publications were produced independently and reported on changing lifestyles and attitudes with an authentically radical voice. The underground press emerged in very different social circumstances. It became known as underground because it rejected the dominant culture, expressing counter cultural beliefs and using alternative forms publication and distribution. This publication covers discussions of drugs, sex and alternative lifestyles, women's liberation movement, and contentious political stories. Brining attention to the control of ideas and suppressing the messages of social resistance communicated. Dive into the world of highly obscene material in homage to the underground press of the 60s and the step forward in today's highly sensitized society. 

Spaced Out Zine

Welcome to spaced out the zine, one of three editions. Spaced Out is a modern day counter culture publication that explores the underground press movement and the influences of the psychedelic sixties. I wanted to create a take away version of the larger publication, Spaced Out, to enable the work to be distributed and get out into the world.